Welcome to naturist holiday resort of Bagheera, in Bravone, Corsica, France.

Bienvenue au centre naturiste Bagheera en Corse

A village like no other

The only thing on the agenda
is the sweetness of life, space
and freedom. This is why
the proposed accommodations
such as the small villas, the chalets
and the camping site « inhabit »
nature, with different beautiful
aspects like the view of the sea,
the beach installations or…
the nature and forest immersion!

Why such a joy in sharing nature?
To preserve it, “naturally”!

Indeed, real environmental
measures have been adopted here,
ever since its creation: hand-cutting
of the scrubland, preserved endemic
vegetation, use of bio products
and electric cars, priority given
to solar heating.

These “ecological” and “solidarity”
demands are respected every
day with “good behavior rules”
such as saving water, forbidding
the improper disposals of chewing
-gums and cigarette butts
and imposing a moderate
use of dishwashing products.

All this is made in the citizen hope
of sharing, one day, a clean planet.